C5W Wireless Laptop Color Doppler

-Superlow price, high cost-effective
-Probe wireless connect, freely operation
-B, B/M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW multiple imaging modes
-Windows system based, easy to extend function include remote diagnosis
-Supporting various USB ink/laser printers

Standard Configuration
– Host 1 unit
– Double head probe 1 pcs (if change to single head probe also OK and lower price)
– Accessories and Packing(can select bag of draw bar box)


More probe, Puncture kit, Trolley, Printer, Wireless charger for probe

Maintenance of mainframe
The operating environment of the machine shall meet the environmental requirements of Section 1.4.
Long-term non-use of equipment, should be at least twice a week, each time no less than 1 hour;
Do not open the cover without permission to clean the interior, let alone shake or disassemble the interior parts of the machine without permission.
When the outer shell of the machine needs to be cleaned, it should be wiped with alcohol cotton ball when the machine is shut down.
This machine should not be switched on and off frequently. If you need to turn it on again after shutdown, please wait for at least 1 minute.

– Screen: 15inch LCD
– Image mode: B, B/M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW
– Channel of ultrasound circuit board: 32/64(different model probe)
– Dimension: L362×W340×H50mm
– Probe Connect: Wireless connect, freely operation
– Operation system: Windows
– Probe Type: Convex, Microconvex, Linear, Small Linear, Transvaginal, Phased array(coming soon), single head or
double(the heads can select two in above type)
– Probe element: 128/192(different model probe)
– Probe frequency and scan depth, angle/width:
Convex head 3.5MHz/5MHz, 90/160/220/305mm, 60°
Linear head 7.5MHz/10MHz, 20/40/60/100mm, 40mm
Small Linear head 10MHz/14MHz, 20/30/40/55mm, 25mm
Microconvex head 3.5MHz/5MHz, 90/130/160/200mm, 88°
Transvaginal head 6.5MHz/8MHz, 40/60/80/100mm, 149°
– Image Adjust: BGain, TGC, DYN, Focus, Depth, Harmonic, Denoise, Color Gain, Steer, PRF
– Cineplay: auto and manual, frames can set as 100/200/500/1000
– Puncture assist function: the function of in-plane puncture guide line, out-of-plane puncture guide line, automatic blood vessel measurement.
– Measure: Length, Area, Angle, heart rate, Obstetrics
– Image frame rate: 18 frames/second
– Image save: jpg, avi and DICOM format, store volume 120G
– Weight: 4Kg
– Image and report print: can work with most model ink/laser printer
– Remote diagnosis: can install any remote diagnosis software and work
– Battery working time: Probe built-in battery work 2~5 hours(according to different probe and whether continue scan), Host built-in battery work 2 hours
– Probe battery charge: by USB charge or wireless charge, take 2 hours